Thursday, August 18, 2016

rain...bee...attempted rescue

when i dumped the rain gauge monday night we'd had five inches of rain since friday the twelfth...the rain we have had so far tosay beings the total to 6.7" since last friday...but as important as the rain total is, if you look closely at the second photo you will see a bee trapped in the rain gauge...that is unacceptable so i removed the gauge from its frame and carefully poured the water and the bee out onto the ground...she was alive but really disoriented as her wet wings grounded her and she was reduced to scrambling around on the ground...i lost track of her and am uncertain of her status...hopefully dried and flyable wings and off to the hive to tell of adventures in the back...beyond that the tesointe is robust ( seventh photo ) while its descendant the bear paw maize nears the end of its season...the ramp seeds are manifold but taking their sweet time about maturing...gardening teaches nothing if not patience.

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