Sunday, August 14, 2016

the garden goes on

it rained heavily yesterday so today was mostly and inspection trip with some weeding ( mostly pulling seed heads off of plants that are going to seed in the unused beds...i can stand the growth as ground cover for winter [ spring green manures in march ] however i'd rather not seed the beds...what's there can be mowed and turned under as added organic matter before the spring manures go in )...the season is moving alpong...the cucumber blossom among the asparagus "ferns" in the first photo tell me we still have cukes coming and they are there...the bear paw maize in the third and fourth photos has, so far, eluded the squirrels...give them time...the sugar snap peas have numerous pods ( next door to the carolina horse nettle i am trying to preserve so be careful harvesting ) while the fully grown jerusalem artichokes in the fifth photo have failed to shade out the robust sweet potato vine growing underneath ( sixth )..the roma tomatoes in the next two photos continue to ripen...there are still peppers out there and the beans have produced a second crop which needs to be harvested to stimulate more blooms and beans...still lots of season left...still produce to be had...stop by.

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