Monday, August 15, 2016

truck garden in the rain

today's rain has added .7" of precipitation to the total from friday night into saturday morning ( so is still raining as i type )which had put paid to the early august dry spell...and it is helping the jerusalem artichoke in the bed of my truck along has received only rain as moisture...another challenge to its relentlessness...and it was looking a bit droopy up until this past it is looking has topped the cab of my truck and so when i am on the freeway it is routinely exposed to fifty-five mile an hour winds ( always drive the legal limit )...this has done some damage to the upper leaves on the plants..actually destroyed some...however the plant has responded with new growth lower tot he truck bed in more sheltered old evolutionary response to exposed conditions no doubt..another couple of months before the grand uprooting and the search for tubers..until then it will continue to be pummeled...and the aerial bulbs from the walking onions have sprouted...time to plant.

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