Saturday, September 17, 2016

discoveries and actions

puttering around the yard this late afternoon i found a few things going on...reacted to one by leaving the status quo in place..changed a couple of others..the egyptian walking onions i planted are coming along well and should have no trouble over wintering...the volunteer potato that's popped up ion the onion bed may be facing a bit of is late potato-wise and we will have to see....a move indoors? of the containerized jerusalem artichokes i grew just so i'd have some seed had died back so i pulled it to see what we had....we have tubers...half a i dug a hole in a bed to store them until i decide what to do with the little bundles of reproductive fury and what turned up? a stray ramp, and a fair sized one i relocated it to the ramp bed on the north side of the house...little surprises...nothing major...still...

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