Thursday, September 22, 2016

first day of autumn

just some of the goings on in the back yard on the first day of autumn...from the top...egyptian walking onions establishing themselves for winter and a volunteer spud that may be in trouble...a wild berry the birds haven't found yet...hard red winter wheat joins the onions in working towards surviving winter...the sweet potato patch has been busy and is about done...a couple of photos of intertwined support roots on the signs of flowers yet however, impatience...more teosinte along with jerusalem artichokes safely contained, a maple tree that was rescued from a bean field, and some yacon...ants working on a split cherry tomato...there are more ripening and i brought a few in tonight...a hot banana pepper..and a bell pepper...there is more...still spuds going on and the ramp seeds are still maturing ( i have harvested 53 so far )...there will be more to do soon enough preparing for winter and the garlic hasn't arrived yet...still that to plant...then we move indoors.

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