Saturday, September 10, 2016

rain wheat and onions

when i planted the winter wheat last sunday i purposefully left a gap between the dwarf syrian and hard red wheat so i could easily tell what was what ( four rows of emmer, two rows of cham2, and broadcast hard red ) is all up and running so yesterday i broadcast more hard red wheat seed to fill in most of the gap...temperatures are in the 70s ( fahrenheit ) and my back yard received almost two inches for rain overnight...i deal conditions for wheat germination and when i looked today i found multiple seeds that had begun the process...that white appendage at the end of the seed in my hand is the beginning of a they will be a week behind but the gap will mostly the intervening week some of the emmer wheat has developed a second leaf which is encouraging...the more developed the plants are the better their chances of successfully overwintering...the irruption of the hard red continues as well with the bed filling in nicely...second leaves and, hopefully, tillering are up next...finally the egyptian walking onions i planted last weekend are popping up as well...there are around twenty-five sets in that bed and i have another half dozen in small pots i need to find homes for..i planted more cham2 and emmer in a couple of containers...bed space is at a premium right now and probably will continue to be so...more on that as it comes up.

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