Friday, September 16, 2016

second half of september

the single tesointe plants scattered around the yard are all at least eight feet tall as true autumn approaches and the stand of tesonte is even taller...not a flower in sight's a race between seeds and frost and, from the looks of things right now, frost seems a likely length is the trigger and it may be that the days most conducive to this plant's flowering are, in this climate, the ones conducive to frost as well..wait and see seem to be what is in i may have mentioned ( more than once ) last year something browsed the seed heads off my ramp plants before i could harvest this year i have checked every day and have been bringing in mature seeds as they appear to spread out around the yard and in the bed a bit later in autumn...a nice crop came in today...they are small and exceedingly hard...much like teosinte seeds..and they need a cycle of cold to break they will go out before winter..if it all goes well i will have quite a few...there may be some to share given the right the wheat bed right now the cham2 dwarf wheat mostly has two leaves and, though it may be difficult to tell, so does most of the emmer...the hard red winter wheat has become a forest and it isn't easy to tell quite what is going on in there beyond growth...we are well on our way to establishing a crop capable of over wintering...september is cooking along and there is still a lot going on...ther iss till a poatato harvest to do...tepehuan teosinte can pop up with flowers and seed ears in a hurry...perhaps this variety will too...more as it comes up.

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