Wednesday, September 7, 2016

wheat irruption

when i got home from work yesterday it was around ninety-two degrees ( fahrenheit ) and when i went out the wheat bed i planted last sunday i was gratified to find a small number of germinating seeds ( top three photos ) when i got home it was about as degree warmer and i found a positive irruption of hard red winter wheat on the east end of the bed ( fourth, fifth, sixth )...the spring wheat, even though it germinates in cold temperatures, seemed to take ages to germinate...this is up and running well in three days...this is how i remember wheat germinating..clearly i had my varieties confused in march..the seedlings in the seventh and eighth photos are the ancient emmer old variety that rivals einkorn in age of lineage...obviously taking the grain out of the husks did not inhibit its germination,..i will be watching the row of seed i did plant in the husks to see what happens...we can always replant if nothing comes up in a week or two this will be basically a seed crop as will the cham2 dwarf syrian wheat in the last photo...i seem to have left a sizable gap between the seed crop and the hard red which i may fill in as well...i have grown hard red winter wheat before and know it will overwinter well..the recommendation for the other two varieties was fall planting as well so we will see how they do..i have a reserve of both types of seed as a safeguard and can replant in early spring if need be..more as it develops.

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