Saturday, September 24, 2016


yacon seems to have an agonizingly long season...think back to last christmas day when i found the three rhizomes in the top photo growing on the roots of plants in containers under the lights in the plant room and planted them in yet more containers...the rhizomes sprouted another generation of yacon and when the last frost threat ended i put those containers outside for the summer...autumn is now here and the yacon shows no real sign of tiring so i went out to look at the roots...the first one i investigated produced nothing but roots and some nascent rhizomes...the second one ( third photo ) did have a well formed rhizome which i will be harvesting soon to start a winter season in the basement...the third one i planted last december has also produced a rhizome...however it has already sprouted a new plant...i will be looking at removing it as well for the basement season before it sets too deep a root system...fall is here and it looks as if the winter indoor season has already begun.

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