Thursday, October 6, 2016

climate, flowers, stop, ears

my rain gauge tells me that minus the 1.9" of rain from september we have had 2.7" of rain so far this month...and at 5:00 p.m. on the sixth of october it is 76 degrees ( farhenheit )...the climate isn't exactly what it was and the "extended forecast" shows lows in the 50s well past the first average frost date...and while that is not a good long term trend, short term it may help out the teosinte..i had to get the ten foot ladder out of the basement to get to the canopy but it was worth the effort...the oldest flower is blooming ( fourth photo ) and the stalk that supports it is burgeoning with silks ( fifth through eighth as if you couldn't see ) where there are silks there are...eventually...ears...and the weather may be helping me out here...we will see...i am hopeful of ears if not viable seed...there are nine more nascent flowers on the stalk as well as quickening ears so there is a lot of possibility here...expect more photos as we go.

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