Saturday, October 8, 2016


thirty-eight days ago the corn crop behind the bug box stores was a field of green with upturned ears and shady the field has gone brown, the leaves have collapsed into the rows and the ears are pointing downward and prepared for harvest...which will be soon enough if the weather dries...the jerusalem artichoke in the back of my truck has run its season out as well so it was time to harvest...i had expected some smallish tubers because the "growth medium: in the back of my truck is fairly shallow and sunchokes don't like to set tubers in the light...fooled again by their relentlessness...not a huge harvest, however more than i expected...the root ball was packed and there were several large tubers hiding around the bed which i dug out...took them in...cleaned them up...almost three quarters of a pound...not bad for a truck garden.

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