Monday, October 24, 2016

long season

it's getting late and there will probably be a frost warning tonight ( although the last one turned out to be a false alarm we are well past our average first frost date )...still the teosinte is standing tall and there are flowers almost everywhere you the canopy and closer to the ground...there are numerous , well defined ears in there too..however the season is turning out to be so much longer than northern tepehuan teosinte that i am becoming skeptical about the possibility of much of anything in the way of seeds forming much less close but i don't think the weather will cooperate..unfortunately this is the only teosinte seed i can find commercially availble at the moment...northern tepehuam seems to have fallen out of favor at native seed search...i have some of that variety of seed frozen and may resurrect a bed next year just to get some ears with visible, if not viable ( although i have gotten viable seed here from that variety ) seed...even the smaller, solo plants are sprouting ears..too little too late i fear.

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