Wednesday, November 9, 2016

asparagus mulch

finally managed to find the time to get to campus and prepare the asparagus bed for was still green , but yellowing and it is the second week of november...the weather is bound to turn...some of the plants had finally begun to produce "berries" but i am skeptical that they are viable seed...i collected them anyway and will see if i can germinate any..if so i will spread asparagus around...i cut back the plants...that pile represents one hundred and ten individual spears, some bigger than my thumb...others just big enough to feed the roots...after i cut the plants back i spread compost over the stubble..asparagus are heavy feeders and this will help them in the spring..i marked each plant with a small piece of 1/8" dowel rod so i can push the compost back in march when i unmulch to allow the plants to break the surface of the soil...they do not have strong tips and need some i put a six inch thick layer of straw over the compost to allow dead air for insulation and then covered the straw with a layer of landscaping fabric fastened down with staples...i added a second layer of fabric to be sure the straw stayed put and...after about forty-five minutes...the job was done...more on the viability of the seed as i discover it.

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