Tuesday, November 22, 2016


it has dropped well below freezing the past few nights ( 27 degrees fahrenheit last night in my back yard ) and some of the plants out back are the worse for it....the yacon in the top photo is done as are the peppers in the second...the teosinte today ( third photo ) is looking a little more ragged than it did just ten days ago...it had produced numerous ears..some of which i have been exploring..and i will be bringing more in this coming weekend...not everyone is under the weather just yet however...the wild berry leaves are still verdant and i found a berry sheltering under the canopy...the brussels sprouts are going strong...i have harvested them in december before...we will be seeing...there's kohlrabi still looking peppy as well while the winter wheat is a mixed bag..the cham 2 dwarf wheat is still upright as the emmer wheat begins to go dormant and lay down...over in the bed the hard red winter wheat is already done until spring and is waiting for a snow pack to insulate it from the cold...the folks at purdue are forecasting a mild winter for the area..it might not get that snow...it might not need it...there may be many sprouts.

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