Sunday, November 27, 2016

gleaning support roots

rounding up stuff to prepare the physical plant for winter took me by the filed behind the big box stores...there were geese out there gleaning the field however i spooked them when i drove up and failed to get a photo to add some life to the field...and i am thinking more critters have been at work...i did find grain ( if you can call industrial feedstock grain )out there in some quantity, including full ears, however i had to cover a lot more of the field to find it today than i did last week..its disappearance may not bode well for my hopes for volunteer corn next season...we will's an iffy sort of crap shoot anyway...there almost always is some in the bean fields however it is usually so deep in the field that wading out to it without causing significant crop damage is difficult and i am not out to damage farmer brown's crop...i will not make circles...the bottom eight photos are juxtapositions of support roots...the top photo of each successive pair is of the roots of the domesticate corn and the bottom one in each set is the "wild and weedy ancestor" teosinte...i will leave it to you to make morphological comparisons...the two below this are teosinte in my have to admit it looks corny.

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