Sunday, November 20, 2016

left behind on the road to nowhere

went out to pick up supplies for the indoor season this morning and so i stopped by the harvested corn filed to have a look at the detritus...heavy rains earlier this week matted own the remains of the harvest and the matting exposed further inefficiencies in the harvesting process...just a quick stroll along a row about twenty rows in from the berm displayed increasing amounts of unharvested corn...assuming this to be representative of the field there is still a lot of putative grain left on the ground...and that leaves me wondering...where are the birds? and the deer? both opportunistic feeders i'm wondering why the field isn't being gleaned...perhaps there is a sudden surplus of ground level grain about and they haven't gotten to it all yet...perhaps i am missing something..could we will be looking around the field on a semi-regular basis until the snow covers it and observation is stalled...hopefully this will be a bean field next season and there will be volunteers from this corn...that would be interesting to observe...and the road to nowhere just down the street? still going nowhere.

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