Saturday, November 19, 2016


after some unnaturally extended warmth the season has begun to turn...i saw flurries this morning and the yacon is telling me a similar story this afternoon...the plants are signaling the end of the season clearly so i picked one from a container and the only one i planted in the ground to harvest today...the containerized plant produced nine tubers of varying sizes and a large rhizome while the in ground plant produced five elongated tubers and a smaller rhizome..on of the tubers broke while i was harvesting them so i replanted the two halves immediately to see if they will overwinter and sprout in spring...perhaps...perhaps not...i took the large rhizome ( sixth photo ) and planted it in a large container in the plant room for some winter growth...i put the smaller rhizome from the in ground plant and a few small tubers from the containerized plant in another container down there to see what comes of it...there are still three more yacon plants out there to harvest and the weather is pushing that project to the forefront...late season harvests will continue.

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