Friday, December 9, 2016


it's winter here and quiet outside ( although i will be collecting some teosinte seed this weekend and working on trying to germinate it to see if it is viable at all....i have low expectations but will make the attempt in spite of that )..the potato i planted on the 24th of october is forty seven days old and about fifteen inches tall...three more weeks should see this setting tubers and february should see a harvest..across the way there is display of potato diversity in one container...the spuds in the second and third photos were planted on the 20th of november ans the ones in the fourth and fifth on the 26th...the first two look like traditional "improved" varieties of potatoes however the second two are grown from tubers that are clones of ones i grew from true seed and so the plants are looking much more "viny" with slender stems and smaller leaves...there will be a display of potato morphology as this container's season progresses...more as it develops.

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