Saturday, December 31, 2016

the last day of the year... unseasonably warm and a trip around the back yard provides some varied examples of hardy green...the wild strawberries so recently muffled in snow ( second photo ) are up and sunning themselves all over the yard today ( third through sixth )...and if i pull back the straw mulch ( much lighter than last year...lesson learned ) i can find green garlic waiting fro march to pop up...the egyptian walking onions in the ninth photo have shrugged off the cold an snow without mulch as has the seemingly ineradicable winter vetch in the last..garlic doesn't like competition and the vetch almost choked out the onions last year...nitrogen or not i am afraid it will have to go come's life at the end of the year..there will be more cold and snow before winter ends...there will be green again too.

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