Friday, December 23, 2016


...seems unlikely to me...however that is what we are looking into is just below freezing here this morning but the temperature has been as low as -9 fahrenheit ( -22.5 celsius ) this past week so the seeds i left outdoors have been cold shocked...i brought two ears in and they yielded 57 seeds which ( as a precaution ) i soaked in hydrogen peroxide for 20 minutes just in case sub zero temperatures were not enough...i was discouraged to see that none of the seeds sank in the hydrogen peroxide which tells me the endosperm in them is not very dense...not an especially good sign...we will proceed however just to see...after 20 minutes i put the seeds in some unbleached paper towels i had dampened with distilled water ( from the need to purchase gallons of it at the supermarket anymore...only need to reuse containers to store it )...i put the paper towel wrapped seeds in a couple f baggies and have them sitting in a warm, dark place...we will look in on them in a week or so to check or movement..perhaps th enew year will some new members of the zea family under the lights.

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