Wednesday, January 4, 2017

not a jerusalem artichoke...

looks more like something from the allium family to i was leaving work this evening something green caught my eye in the bed of my truck...closer inspection revealed what seems to be a garlic plant...leaves, clove, and nascent when i got home i went downstairs and grabbed some straw from last year's wheat crop and some compost and mulched it ( the forecast low tonight is 11F and there is no insulating blanket of snow so it needed some help )...while i was mulching i ran across a couple of seed ears that were left behind in the straw...those i took back in to add to the harvest...i threw some wire mesh over the top to keep the straw from blowing away...and now we wait..if all goes well there will be a garlic plant in the truck next spring...crop rotation...good for the truck garden.

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