Sunday, January 29, 2017

relics of harvests past

after weather in the 60s ( fahreneheit ) last weekend it seems winter has returned to the south end of the inland is snowing...lightly and very lazily...there is no blizzard has, however, dusted the field behind the big box stores and when my route for errands took me past there i stopped to have a look around to see how the clean up was coming along...up until today i was finding mostly cobs with only a few kernels still attached and very few full the partials ( if any still exist..i found none ) are covered by snow and not readily visible so i walked down the rows stepping on the husks that the combine left behind to see what i could find...what i found was quite a few full ears of corn that were the combine and by the critters that , one presumes, should be looking for sustenance at the end of january in the northern why would this still be old question and one i have asked before...there is no point to surmise about causes...they could be manifold and not especially visibly coupled...what i do see is full ears of uneaten dense yellow #2 that the fauna of the area seem to be ignoring...i don't blame them...i avoid it and its byproducts as much as i can... will keep looking...mostly out of idle curiosity but also with an eye to volunteer corn next bean season...i am hunting for suicide genes.

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