Tuesday, January 31, 2017

supermarket spuds

contemplating dinner after work today i wandered into the pantry to see if there were any "store bought" spuds around...i found a bag of "green giant" brand..but they were all well chitted and turning a bit soft...so..instead of nuking a few i took some downstairs to plant them..i found a large container that had a couple of yacon rhizomes working away in it so i transplanted them to another container to percolate a bit more and, after i emptied about half the soil in the container, i planted them as deeply as i could with only the sprout ends showing...yes these are "improved" potatoes that come from a company called potandon products who maintain the breed their potato varieties through traditional methods...http://www.potandon.com/seed/sourcing...i am prepared to accept that these are "improved" but not gmo spuds or i would not have planted them...i have several potato plants already up and running downstairs including clones i grew from true seed and some third and fourth generation spuds i originally received from the usda potato introduction station so it will be of interest to compare tuber production at the end of the plants' cycles...they will be getting an organic treatment here...no fertilizers beyond compost and no herbicides or insecticides...we'll see how they stack up against wholly organic blues.

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