Friday, February 10, 2017

harvest and new growth

the potato plants in the first and third photos have been done for a few days now but i have been putting off digging around in there because it was the middle of the week and there have been things that are easily more important than a few potatoes in the basement going on...some spare moments presented themselves this evening after work so i took my camera and went down to see what was what...the results from each plant are in the photo directly below their portraits and the fifth photo is a group shot of the results...they are small and i have some question about the viability of the smaller ones but the larger german butterballs and corazon rosados will produce another generation in the spring...they ran the season through in eighty-one days and yet the plant i put in one hundred and nine days ago is still going strong...genetic diversity lends itself to variable season length...clearly the one still up and running is of the one hundred and twenty day variety...give it the meantime the potatoes that sprouted in the pantry and that i planted eleven days ago have at least one plant coming into leaf...the others are still growing sprouts towards the light...give them time too...finally the last two photos are of new growth yacon...the older plant is about two inches tall and has now been joined by three more shoots from the same ( actually the only one in that container ) container over is the home to a brand new yacon plant...even if it might be a bit difficult to see...season endings...season beginnings...gardening can be an all weather, year-round sport..more later..i am waiting on an important phone call.

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