Tuesday, February 7, 2017

microclimate III

i took these photos between 4:13 and 4:19 this afternoon...at 4:27 the local "official" weather reporting station said the temperature was 46.1 degrees (farhenheit) and that the barometric pressure was 29.44 inches...so...on the macro level we are close enough to call it even...the microclimate has its differences however, so far, they are forming a pattern...as expected the rain gauge under the the canopy by the thermometer ( third photo ) registered little rain from the overnight and early morning feburary thunderstorms ( for those of you who do not live in the great lakes region, this aint natural )...about .3 inches...the gauge by the tomato/pepper bed ( fourth and fifth photos ) read 1.5 inches...the one on the post next to the teosinte bed read 1.6 inches ( sixth and seventh ) and the one on the ramp bed on the north side of the house registered 1.8 inches ( eighth and ninth )...so the have repeated the same pattern of progressively higher totals from east to west ( the tomato/pepper bed being east, the ramp bed west, and the one on the post in between...excusing the one under the canopy )that they showed during january's spate of unnaturally warm and rainy weather...a .3 inch difference in rainfall over the yard...it is due to dip below freezing and snow...then warm later in the week and possibly rain more..as it heads into spring and more (possibly ) regular rains we will see if the pattern that has begun continues...and, at two bucks a crack, we may be putting out more gauges.

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