Saturday, February 18, 2017

unnatural by nature

my back yard thermometer reads four degrees higher ( microclimate again ) than the "official" temperature about a mile away...either way this is extraordinary weather for the eighteen the of february at the south end of the inland sea...some applaud...i find it unnatural and disturbing despite the fact that there is snow in the forecast for next weekend...the garlic ( second photo ) is pushing up through the mulch which is won't mind the coming cold much...that and a few onions are the total outdoor isn't time to abandon the basement for the yard just yet...the yacon down there is moving along very well ( third photo ) and the forth and fifth and sixth and seventh photos are of potato plants that sprouted in the pantry from six days ago and this afternoon...robust growth comes to mind...the last two photos are also of former pantry denizens as the yellow onions both are exhibiting new growth...volatile weather isn't the norm quite this early...usually at least a month away...things are changing and i wonder what the long term impact will be.

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