Sunday, March 12, 2017

seasonal change, loss, and urgency

the unnaturally ( or, perhaps, the "new" natural ) warm temperatures of february have turned sharply colder...and while the onions and garlic are unfazed ( second and third photos ) the single far( fourth)...and the rest of the bed seem stalled...i am fearful that the winter wheat has failed to overwinter needs three to four inches of snow to act as insulation against even colder ambient temperatures..we got the cold temperatures but not the snow and...with the exception of a few stragglers ( sixth ) i am afraid the bed has died..i am thinking of a bed of spuds actually...while the yard is having its issues, the basement season is moving along...there is slow but good growth in yacon ( seventh) and the spuds that chitted in the pantry are robust ( eighth)..the pantry onions have it easier than their outdoor relatives and are doing fine...there are signs of more necessary planting down there however..i will be procuring some compost later today and putting these blue spuds in a large container that can finish outdoors after an indoor start...they won't wait much longer.

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