Saturday, April 22, 2017

22 april 2017

the spuds on the deck are all coming along well however the all blue in the top photo is by far the most advanced and will need an in-ground home soon...more jerusalem artichokes ( second ) are up and the task of keeping them under control will begin soon enough...both here and in the community garden...the rhubarb is flowering ( third and fourth ) which is a new experience and one i am interested in keeping up with...just to see...there is a fair stand of alfalfa ( fifth ) up with more in containers on the south side of the house...waiting for the leaf cutter bees in june ( speaking of which, i need to clean the cocoons in the fridge...another post later perhaps )...the ramps are booing along (sixth though eighth ) on the north side...that is very gratifying to the gardenenr after last seasons debacle...the transplant has taken hold...difficult as it could be to see over a background of green, the asparagus ( ninth ) has "ferned" in the back bed and is feeding the roots...i will be dressing it with compost to help it along...finally the garlic in the last photo is doing well...another relief after yet another debacle from last season...spuds, garlic, and butter...two thirds of a lunch from the yard...looking forward to that.

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