Friday, April 28, 2017

blooms and spuds

there are a number of in-ground yukon golds up and running ( first five photos ) which is good news but i am still wary of blackleg rot...we will see...the asparagus ( sixth) has "ferned" nicely and will be feeding the roots...time for compost...a bumble bee on a dandelion ( seventh )...which bumbled right at me after i took the photo...a rhubarb plant in full bloom ( eight and nine )curious to have a look at seed from these...and while we are talking blooms...the brussels sprouts that overwintered are looking on the verge of flowering themselves( ten and eleven )..finally tonight the seedless grapes ( twelve and thirteen ) as well as the concord grapes in the Catalpa tree ( last ) are leafing out well...looking fro blooms there soon as well.

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