Tuesday, April 25, 2017

in-ground spud

it is unseasonably warm this evening ( again! the average high for today historically is sixty-one degrees [fahrenheit] )and that is disturbing...perhaps also a new "normal"...a stroll around the warm back yard revealed the first in-ground spud of the season ( second )...a german butterball i believe...it is in the same bed with the red pontiacs that had one of the batch develop blackleg rot....so we will be keeping a very close eye on this bed as the season progresses...over on the north side the ramps are thriving ( third ) now i am waiting to see who blooms and seeds...on the south side, egyptian walking onions ( fourth ) and garlic ( fifth) round out the allium contingent in this season and all seems well...i have a half dozen syrian dwarf wheat plants ( sixth ) which will, hopefully, provide seed for a larger planting next spring...and the last photo is of the old domesticate emmer wheat...more numerous, these will serve as a seed source as well...there may be a larger population of ancient dna nest spring...we will see.

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