Saturday, April 29, 2017

staked out

i stopped off at the community garden after work today to see what was what and found a few things going on...some of the asparagus that was left too late to harvest has gotten to about four feet in height and the weaker stalks are beginning to collapse under their own weight ( first photo ) i got some stakes out of my truck and lent them some support ( second )...there were harvestable spears ( third, fourth and seventh ) as well as new growth (fifth and sixth)...with the roots being fed and the plants dressed with compost there may be a lengthened season...over in my bed there are now three red potatoes up ( eighth ninth and tenth ) usual the yukon golds are taking their time..i also have a robust colony of jerusalem artichokes going ( eleventh ) this is in a bed...imagine what they are like when the are turned loose...finally the garlic is thriving...another forty-five or fifty days to its finish..i will be planting some spuds and maybe a few surprises in my bed as may rolls into view...season's just getting started.

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