Monday, May 22, 2017

bogota market

the season out back is coming along with more movement and new additions...both of the bogota market mashua plants are up ( first and second photos ) and their kinship to nasturtiums is plain to word on the mashua blanca yet...i am all anticipation...the walking onions are beginning to "walk" ( third ) and the aerial bulbs continue to look alien ( fourth )...the asparagus plant in the back bed is doing fine ( fifth ) and so is the new spear ( sixth )...the dying back ramp leaf in the seventh photo is sheltering a stem that will ( hopefully ) produce a bloom and then seed...finally the eighth photo is of some winter rye ( which is actually in focus to the left ) and the ninth is some hard red spring wheat along the margins of the back yard near the alley where a stand has irrupted from seed i scattered there in spring 2016...wheat has viability seemingly near that of maize..more as it comes up.

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