Sunday, May 21, 2017


thursday when i got home from work it was ninety-one degrees ( fahrenheit ) in my back yard ( first photo )...friday it was nearly fifty ( second ) ..and today it has moderated to a more seasonable sixty-five or so ( third ) ...none of this has stopped the rains...which continue to fall at different rates in a suburban back yard and in the same pattern...the gauge farthest to the east has measured 3.5" of rain this month ( fourth ) the gauge neat the middle of the yard has 3.9" ( fifth )...and the one on the north side 4.3" ( sixth..and that total represents a shade over 11% of the annual precipitation average for these 21 days )...a vacillating temperature regime hasn't stopped growth out there either with more wheat coming in ( seventh and activity in the emmer or syrian dwarf wheat...this is pacific blue stem and hard red spring wheat we're talking )...the egyptian walking onions continue to unfurl their aerial bulbs ( ninth ) and the red clover is blooming and setting nitrogen all at once ( tenth )...meanwhile the chines yam has easily topped the cage around the pepper plant and is looking for anything to anchor a vine to ( eleventh )...the heart shaped leaves are growing ( twelfth ) and there will be areal bulbs here too soon enough...far more than the onions will ever produce...there is a season out there and there will be more going on...where it will end up at is anybody's guess...part of the excitement.

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