Saturday, May 27, 2017

solanum in the garden

i hadn't been tot he community garden in a few has been militating against a trip but it relented a bit this morning so i went...the fist thing i found was a failure...the replacement tesointe has died ( first photo ) even though it is late i believe i will germinate a replacement and keep trying...the other plant has deployed a fourth leaf and seems happy enough ( second photo )...and the rest of the bed seems to be doing well...the egyptian walking onion ( third photo ) is almost two feet tall and the aerial bulb is coming along...the spuds ( fourth ) are looking robust and there is an ear of rye ( fifth ) racing to finish before it is subsumed by the growing jerusalem artichokes ( sixth )...i looked in on my government spuds this morning and found the time to plant had arrived ( another trigger for a trip ) so i went and planted five more spuds..a dark red ( seventh ) which is not a government, rather a locally procured seed from accession bs286 ( eighth ) ..a blue shetland ( ninth ) from accession gs427...and an early blue ( tenth )...finally i deiscovered some carolina horsenettle growing in the old biology club bed...i took some home..more on that in the next post.

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