Monday, May 29, 2017

spuds, roots, and grass flowers

i decided to spend some time planting yet more spuds ( i believe i am now up to forty-six ) so i cleaned out some containers and let them dry in the sun and then went to work...there were three plants in peat pots still on the deck so those got homes first...the smaller container got an unidentified ( first photo ), viney looking spud which we may eventually id...or not...the second got a cobb lee ( second photo ) and a yukon gold ( third photo ) from bins in the basement and the third got two elmer's blue from the deck ( fourth and fifth )...the two elemr's blue are of radically different sizes and there is a reason for that and it has had an impact on th seems pretty clear to me that the smaller of the two ( sixth photo ) was getting more sunlight on the deck ( there are many plants out there yet...there is still work to do ) and as a result put a lot more energy into establishing a root system ( seventh photo ) was significantly pot bound and i took the peat pot completely off and scrubbed the exterior of the roots lose...the larger plant ( eighth ) was in a shadier area and spent more energy on leaves and stems to collect light, so...fewer roots ( ninth )...while plants need varying amounts of light ( ramps are averse to too is ginseng ) these two plants of the same variety show what a variation in light would best bet is that the smaller plant will produce more tubers...we will see if the larger can catch up root wise...finally the last two photos are of wheat ( tenth ) and winter rye ( eleventh ) flowering...just to prove grasses do flower.

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