Tuesday, May 23, 2017

tendrils and a little morphology

i built a trellis from wood and galvanized wire cable this spring to replace the abortive steel and electrical wire contraption of last year ( top photo ) and today the larger if the seedless grapes ( second and third ) showed me i was finally on track as it reached out and grabbed the uncoated cable with a tendril ( fourth )...gratified is too simple an adjective...and while we are on the subject of tendrils, vines, and trellises, the chinese yam is firmly anchored to the cage around the pepper plant ( fifth ) however the vine has cleared the top of the cage by a good two feet( sixth )...the holiday weekend will, in part, be spent providing it something to anchor to...the seventh photo is of a newly hatched mashua blanca leaf while the next two are of leaves on bogota market mashua plants...the tenth through twelfth photos are of newly minted nasturtium leaves...they are young but share characteristics that will become more obvious with age...i will eave it to you to pick them out...finally:
one of the pepper plants is flowering...these, along with potato flowers, prove vegetable blooms can be extraordinarily attractive....just saying....and i see the sixth and sevwenth photos are in the incorrect order...blame the gardener.

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