Friday, June 23, 2017

a very few garden standards

a hot banana pepper ( first ), a nascent boston pickling cucumber ( second ) and some maize ( third ) are offered as evidence i do grow some backyard garden standards ( there are tomatoes, bell peppers, and zucchini as well...all unpictured )..that's wher it ends though...the fourth and fifth photos are 0f the maize ancestor teosinte...sort of in the family...there are cereal grains out there, pacific blue stem wheat ( sixth ), winter rye ( seventh ), ancient emmer wheat ( eighth ). and hard red spring wheat ( ninth ) all moving towards maturity... the tenth photo is of a ramp flower.. a relative of the blooming onion in the community garden...somewhat different structures however i am wagering the seed will be remarkably is flowering because i have fooled the wild leek into thinking it s in the is happily reproducing and i am being self-congratulatory bout fooling it and the thought that goes into weird gardening...yet i have to wonder who is or the plants that are reproducing in my yard...a toss up at best.

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