Saturday, June 24, 2017

bi-polar monoculture?

my weed whacker died so i ran out to the big box store for another package of planned obsolescence and that took me by the suburban field behind the stores ( first ) so i stopped to have a look...the field is still for sale ( second ) however it has been planted in rows of no til soy beans ( third ) can tell it s no til by the semi-organic corn detritus left from last season ( fourth )..there is also considerable anthropogenic detritus ( fifth and sixth ) that informs me this is a suburban field...the rows are about twelve inches apart ( seventh can tell by my foot )and the bean plants seem well adjusted (eighth ) however they are not alone...there is plenty of thistle ( ninth ) and the odd dandelion ( tenth ) in the rows...what i di not find was any volunteer dense yellow #2 from last season...that informs me of something else however we will wait a bit to see if any crops up before we come to any conlusions,

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