Sunday, June 25, 2017

cornfield singularity

a trip to the supermarket took me by the ironic cornfield ( first photo )so i stopped in to have a look...compared to last week ( second photo ) some of the corn has grown ( third ) and some has not ( fourth )...vagaries of sunlight access and precipitation...just like the suburban soybean field, there is a lot of biomass growing in the rows that isn't especially intended...thistles, dandelions, and, a bit unexpectedly, lichens growing amid the decaying detritus of 2015's corn crop as well as non-corn grasses ( fifth sixth seventh and eighth )...the anthropogenic detritus in photos nine through eleven point out the suburban locale of the much of this is generated by the supermarket? does farmer brown have a substance abuse problem? the trash in photo twelve is telling...the last photo is of something i really did not expect...a lone ear of winter rye in a corn field that ws a bean filed last year ( and no...i did not plant this )...a singular find...wondering what's next.

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