Saturday, June 24, 2017

mostly maintenance

the last of my seed potatoes had reached just about their limit outside some soil so i had to do something...five gallon buckets from a home improvement store are a much cheaper alternative to formal i bought some, drilled holes for drainage ( first photo 0and filled them halfway with a mix of organic potting soil and compost ( second and third 0) and planted another thirty seed potatoes ( fourth ) and spread them around the yard ( you can take these to sunlight at least )...we will see what they produce...o a more positive note the leaf cutter bees have filled a hole in the nesting can tell it's leaf cutters by the green leaf matter in the plug...earwigs just use clay/soil and the plug is all grey...finally the last two photos are of some trellises i bought for the mashua to get them off the ground...they had fallen over and were trailing like vines which is natural for them but research tells me they produce better if trellised...i am all for better production

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