Thursday, June 29, 2017

new leaves

there is a threat of rain...but not enough of one so i went to the garden after work to water...things are good...they yukon golds in the first photo still have a bit of season left in them...which is fine they will be done long before the ones i planted on may twenty-seventh ( second through fifth ) come in in august sometime..and those will finish up before the ones i planted on the twenty fourth of this month ( sixth through eighth ) qhich will finish in september...except for the blues which will go on until i pull them...the teosinte ( ninth ) had no leaf curl today ...a sure sign that the plants could have held out another day without rain at matter, i watered anyway...there is new growth in the asparagus bed ( tenth ) and the onion flower is a ball of blooms ( eleventh )...near the end if june and things are moving along...look for flowering jerusalem artichokes next month..and, hopefully, asparagus berries.

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