Thursday, June 22, 2017

what is this? the second day of summer?

and the wheat continues its ripening...the hard red spring ( first photo ) is moving along and i found a surprisingly ripe ear of emmer ( second ) while the pacific blue stem is turning amber ( third )...they syrian dwarf is still so green it is blending into the background and resisting clear photography...maybe later...the zea mays parvaglumis ( fourth ) continues to show its relation to its descendant maize ( fifth ) of the twelve imported wild strawberries have survived and are showing good growth (sixth )..the chines yams have all sorts of new growth ( seventh )...and remember those brussels sprouts ( eighth )i planted as a fall crop last season and which surprisingly ( to me ) overwintered and took off again this spring and have already produced seed pods? well now they have very small sprouts going on ( ninth )...i am pleased...finally a ramp flower has achieved enough photographic definition that i can show you one in the early stages of deployment ( tenth )...a member of the allium family it should be producing round, black seeds soon.

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