Tuesday, July 18, 2017


the top four photos are all plants from the allium family...the first is of the aerial bulbs om an egyptian walking onion that is steadily headed towards the ground...the second is of a flowering garlic plant ( i know there are some of you who will insist i should pinch them off...insist if you must but i will not...i am interested in the family morphology and those purplish looking things are aerial bulbs as well and i want to plant them this autumn ) and the third and fourth are of immature ramp seeds...they can all reproduce from in ground bulbs and all three have aerial forms of reproduction as well...redundancy isn't always a bad thing...three quarters of the wheat crop is in...the pacific blue stem, hard red winter, and dwarf syrian have all been harvested...the fifth is of the ancient emmer wheat that has obviously got a longer season...however it is coming to an end as well...another week or so of summer heat and we will have harvested it all...and, finally, you didn't think you'd get away without seeing some teosinte, did you?

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