Saturday, July 1, 2017

grain season

not quite, for the most part, is what i would say about the grain season out back...the stand OF pacific blue stem volunteers ( first photo ) still has some green in it ( second ) however moat of the ears are ripe ( third ) and it will, i think, be the first to harvest...the winter rye ( fourth...also volunteers ) is further from being finished...still a lot of green (fifth )...the stand of hard red spring wheat ( sixth ) is probably second in line to harvest...not that much green ( seventh ) and many ripe ears ( eighth )...the ancient emmer wheat ( ninth ) has exactly one ripe ear...the rest (tenth and eleventh ) are stubbornly green...and the dwarf syrian wheat ( twelfth ) isn't even making a pretense of ripening ( thirteenth ) green is the mood for the day in that container...and has been ever since could be a while yet.

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