Monday, July 17, 2017

grasses, stolons, and a nightshade blooms

the teosinte...northern tepehuan ( first ) and zea mays parvaglumis ( second ) are about three feet tall today and moving along nicely towards ( hopefully ) ears...the winter rye ( third ) and emmer wheat ( fourth ) are very nearly ready to harvest...a dry weekend will see them come in...the imported wild strawberry is replete with stolons and new growth ( fifth through seventh ) we may not see blooms and berries but we will have daughters...finally the last four photos are blooms on the blue shetland potatoes i got from the usda this past spring...potato blooms have been a disappointment this had been warm and dry in june...not the best weather to stimulate blooms...however the blue varieties have always been prolific bloomer and the majority of potato fruits i have harvested have come from them ( mainly early blue ) so there is hope for late fruits..if they appear in the yard they will surely appear here.

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