Saturday, July 1, 2017

july beans

a trip out to purchase a gallon sprayer for neem oil led me by the beanfield behind the big box stores ( first )...the rows are coming along ( second )...some of the plants are already evincing pods ( third and fourth )...the yellow leaves and drops of water on some of the bean plants ( fifth ) a indicative of the late burst of rainfall we had at the end of june...some of the plants in the rows are clearly not beans( sixth ) and, while searching the rows for some specific non-bean plants i found some detritus ( seventh and eighth ) to further remind me of the suburban setting of these fields...we are in the nexus of exurban ad rural and the exurbs continue to impinge...i found a decomposing cob with some kernels of dense yellow # 2 ( ninth ) a little more searching around the periphery of the field turned up what i was looking for...a surviving ear of field corn and a couple of volunteer plants conveniently situated to observe through the season...this cold be interesting...and enlightening.

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