Sunday, July 9, 2017

less shade

it rained a bit friday and i was busy yesterday so i put off a visit to the garden until this morning and it's just as well i bed ( first photo ) was looking fairly dry...there was a droop to the jerusalem artichokes ( second )...the spuds were looking wilted ( third ) and the teosinte was curled up ( fourth ) i soaked the bed ( and the asparagus bed as well ) i was watering i noticed the yukon golds had finished ( fifth ) so when i finished watering i popped them up ( sixth ) a modest haul of a dozen "new potato" sized tubers from three extravagance in production....i watered the asparagus bed ( seventh ) mostly for the spuds i had planted there a few weeks ago...the asparagus is fine ( although i see no berries yet ) and has put out eight new spears ( eighth through eleventh )...the volunteer wheat in the asparagus bed ( twelfth ) is as finished as the hard red spring wheat in the back yard...i believe i will leave it to see if more sprouts next spring...i have enough here to serve my purposes...finally...after about twenty minute or so...the curl came out of the teosinte leaves.

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