Sunday, July 2, 2017

mulberry tree

i have written about the grapes in the trees a lot because it was such a find them and then to discover the ancient greeks grew them in olive groves to have them vine in the trees...utilizing natural behaviors to their advantage and finding the same mechanism in my yard was enlightening...that focus has left out another "fruit tree" since i cannot recall saying much of anything about the mulberry tree ( first and second photos ) in the back yard, tucked up against the is a young tree...they don't bear fruit until their tenth season and this one has only been producing for the last three or so...the leaves ( third ) with the multiple, rounded serrations give it away as young...research tells me they lessen and almost vanish as the tree ages...the fruit runs from white ( fourth ) to a sort of lavender ( fifth ) and then a deeper purple ( sixth ) until it turns black when truly ripe ( seventh ) and both stains my hand and fall all over the yard ( eighth and ninth ) the larger berries ( not actually berries but clusters of seed bearing structures called drupes ) are sweeter than the small er ones which are fairly tart...they are healthy...many benefits...but invasive and massive producers of pollen...they have been banned in some cities for both those reasons...this one stays.

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