Saturday, July 1, 2017

skelitalization response

i went out and inspected the vines after i got home from the beanfeild and, sure enough, the beetles were around ( first photo just right of center about two-thirds of the way up ) i went downstairs and go the neem oil ( second ) which has a very citrus like comes from an evergreen shrub that grows on the indian subcontinent... and mixed four tablespoons into a gallon of water in the sprayer ( third )...went out and soaked the grape ( fourth and fifth ) and yam ( sixth ) leaves with the mixture which i will do every two weeks or so until the end of the season...while i was up on the ladder spraying the vines in the catalpa tree i discovered many bunches of still green concord grapes ( seventh through tenth )...hoping for a fair harvest there...haven't seen a sign of grapes on the seedless is only their second season though...maybe too early for expectations.

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