Saturday, July 15, 2017


i was out at the bean field behind the big box stores ( first photos ) this morning nosing around...the beans look good as industrial crops go...the rows are reasonably neat ( second and third ) and the corn detritus from last season is decaying...corn was one of the reasons i came have a look at the volunteer corn sprouting from the ear the combine missed ( fourth )...however ti had withered and died ( fifth )...why...admittedly the beans have grown in a week...but it isn't as if corn is a slow growing plant that the beans would shade i began to wonder if farmer brown had doused the round-up ready ( or, perhaps, liberty link ) bean field with a dose of herbicide so i began to look around...and what i found was withered and dying biomass in the field ( sixth through eleventh )...clearly broad leaf grasses ( like corn ) were a target...however there were many other types of casualties so i would think an herbicide was used...just a word of warning to farmer brown...not everything succumbed ( thirteenth )...either you missed a bunch of spots or the herbicide isn't a broad enough spectrum bacteria...plants are evolving resistance...heads up.

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